The Choir of Light is taking a break for now!

Check back in Spring 2019 for an update.


Drop-in for $10 per session. We encourage you to come for a full term so you can increase your singing skills, learn the songs and understand blending, rhythm and harmony, get to know the others in the group and practise singing confidently. Then, when asked, you will feel comfortable and grounded supporting a person through singing as they move towards the end of their life.

We do a ton of Circle Singing, simple improvised pieces, as popularised by the great Bobby McFerrin. We also do toning with a healing intention, which is a very powerful way to receive the vibration of pure and exquisite sounds at the end of each session. Ella has been on her own personal Soulsinging Quest for 25 years and brings a breadth and depth of  knowledge and technique to these singing circles which will leave you refreshed, energised, joyful and feeling alive She has been facilitating circle singing groups since 2001!

Wear comfortable clothes, and bring a water bottle.


the choir Of Light

exists to bring solace and comfort through song to those who are at life's ultimate threshold: that one at the end of life we all must face: dying. 

Our hope is to help people to die well, and in peace, surrounded by love. The singing we offer can also be a great comfort to families and friends of the loved one who is about to "cross over". Our Nanaimo Choir, known as the Choir of Light, advocates that sound plus intention= healing. It is the loving and compassionate energy carried on the melodies and harmonies of our singing that brings about feelings of peace, rest and relaxation in the receiver. Each person in the choir has experienced first hand the benefits that this practice offers, so we know it truly is a gift that we bring to the bedside. There is no fee to receive the service. All you need to do is request it for the person. We will send only 2 or 3 members at a time to sing gently and soothingly at the bedside. 

To request the service contact Ella on 250 210 1496 or email her at :